I’m a writer and editor who lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and various small animals. We garden, raise chickens for meat and eggs, hunt for venison and wild mushrooms, and fish to fill our freezers. My mother and grandmothers all gardened and put up produce every year, but I didn’t start until my children were born. I wanted my kids to eat the best foods possible, and nothing beats tasting a freshly picked radish or grabbing a quart jar of home-canned green beans off the pantry shelves to make a quick dinner.

I love to cook, both following a recipe (and tweaking it) and shooting from the hip by seeing what I have available in my refrigerator and pantry, so you never know what may come out of my kitchen. I also love to quilt, make homemade soaps, and make and use herbal and essential oil remedies, so there will be a few posts about these topics.

Mostly this blog is about canning and cooking. I want to preserve the recipes I’ve tried and use so that others who may be new to canning or cooking a homemade meal can find a little inspiration.

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